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Q: What is a maths quotient mean?
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In Maths what does quoient mean?

The quotient term in maths means divisible such as: Find the quotient of 4 and 2. (well we know quotient means divide) so the answer is 2. Hope this helps : )

How to find the mean in maths?


What does IQ mean?

Intelligence QuotientIntelligence Quotient

What does the word quotient mean in math?

The answer to the quotient is division

What do quotient mean in math?

The quotient is the answer in a division problem.

What is a quotient of a number mean?

A quotient is the answer to a division problem. 50 divided by 10 = 5 (5 is the quotient)

What does the Q mean in IQ?

(Intelligence) Quotient

Does qoutient mean multiply?

No. Quotient does not mean multiply. When you divide two numbers, the result which comes is quotient.

What is the divisor in maths?

There are no such things as "maths," but in mathematics, the divisor is the number by which another number is divided. For example, in the equation 10:5=2, 5 is the divisor. 10 is the dividend, and 2 is the quotient.

What does quotient mean in division?

The answer

What is the quotient for 232 and 4?

If you mean 232 divided by 4 then the quotient is 58

What is mean of product plus or minus in maths?

The product in Maths is a number that you get by adding or deducting the numbers. Plus, or Minus is an important part of maths. Learning and understanding how to find the product in maths is an important foundation for developing their skills in maths.

In math what does the word quotient mean?

A quotient is the result of a division.Example:Divide 100 by 25. The quotient (the "answer" to this calculation) is 4.

What does Quotient mean in mathematical terms?

When a number is divided by a number the result is called the quotient.

How would you write a quotient for 81 3?

If you mean 81/3 then the quotient is 27

What does find a quotient mean?

The quotient of two numbers, X and Y, is X/Y.

In maths what does inverse mean?

its mean the opposite

What does quotient mean for math dividing in fractions?

In division, the quotient means the answer, the sum, difference, or product.

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What does the quotient of 4 and 7 mean?

The quotient is the answer in a division problem. 4 divided by 7 = 0.571428 repeating

What does this symbol mean in maths?

What symbol

What does intersect mean in maths?

humairaa is the answer

What does times mean in maths?


What does poprtion mean in maths?

Related to.

In maths what does per mean?

" for each "