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A mixed fraction is a whole number and a fraction combined into one "mixed" number.

Example: 1½ (one and a half) is a mixed fraction

(Also called a Mixed Number)

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Q: What is a mix fractions?
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How do you change a mix fraction to a proper fraction give an example?

Mixed fractions can't become proper fractions. Mixed fractions are greater than one.

How do you convert a fraction into a mix number?

How to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers

How mathematics is used in cake baking and decorating?

Easy! Measuring with fractions to make the batter of the cake! or also multiplying fractions may happen if it is needed to double or triple the mix

How do you subtract mix fractions?

6 5 _2 3 -- --- 6 4

Fraction and mix numbers?

Fractions and mixed numbers are numbers that can be added, multiplied, divided and subtracted. This is taught in math.

How do you convert mix fractions to improper fractions?

Multiply the denominator by the whole number, add the numerator to that total and put the whole thing over the original denominator. 3 and 1/4 = 13/4

Why convert mix number to improper fraction when multiplying mix number?

It's much easier to multiply fractions than it is to multiply mixed numbers. Try either one some time.

Is mix number always greater than a whole number?

no. lets use 10,000,000,000,000, which is a whole number, and 1 1/2, which is a mixed number. all a mixed number is is a mix of fractions and whole numbers,

How do you do fractions when asked find fractions?

You Find Fractions

What are the differents types of fractions?

like fractions,unlike fractions proper fractions ,improperfractions equivalent fractions

What are like and unlike fractions?

Like fractions are the fractions which have the same denominator and unlike fractions are the fractions which do not have the same denominator.

What is the meaning of similar fractions?

As a review, similar fractions (also like fractions) are fractions having the same denominators

How do you minus mix numbers?

You first convert the numbers into top-heavy fractions, then solve like a normal fraction (e.g. LCD, then subtract).

How do you change the dessimilar fractions to similar fractions?

to change dessimilar fractions to similar fractions you divide

What are types of fraction?

There are three types of fractions that are used in mathematics. The three types of fractions are, mixed fractions, proper fractions, and improper fractions.

What are regular fractions?

Regular fractions are the fractions with a numerator that is less than the denominator and irregular fractions are fractions with a denominator less than the numerator.

How do we change the mix number into an improper fractions?

Multiply the whole number part by the denominator of the fractional part and add the result to the numerator of the fractional part.

What is a dissimilar fractions?

Dissimilar fractions are fractions that have different denominators.

How are like fractions and unlike fractions different?

Like fractions have the same denominator, unlike fractions don't.

How do you solve all fractions problems?

You basically have to learn separately how to do different things with fractions, including finding a common denominator; converting fractions to a different denominator; simplifying fractions; adding and subtracting fractions; multiplying fractions; dividing fractions.

How do you convert between improper fractions and proper fractions?

You don't. Proper fractions are less than one, improper fractions are greater.

Fractions with same numerator are called?

Fractions with the same numerator are called like fractions

What are non equivalent fractions?

Non-equivalent fractions are fractions that are not equal

How do you minnous fractions?

To subtract fractions with like denominators, subtract the numerators , and write the difference over the denominator. Example : Find 45โˆ’25 . Since the denominators are the same, subtract the numerators.

Can you divided 15 by a mix number?

Yes. Once you introduce fractions, mixed or proper, any number is divisible by any fraction (other than 0).

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