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The number that occurs most in a number sequence.

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Q: What is a mode in a number sequence?
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What does the mode in maths mean?

The mode is the number that appears most often in a sequence. Example: 2222222222434389382222948749387 In that sequence, 2 would be the mode.

Where is mode used?

In maths it is the highest number in a sequence :)

The meaning of mode?

it is the highest number minus the lowest number in a sequence of numbers

How do you calculate mode?

to calculate the mode first you take the number sequence that you have been given and find the number that appears the most/ is the most common. the number that is the most common is the mode.

What is the meaning of mode in maths?

mode in maths means most common number (usually in a sequence) kofie2468

How do you find mode in a sequence of numbers?

The Mode is the most frequent number. Simply find the number that occurs most. Hope this helps.:-)

Mathematics what does the mode medium and range mean?

the mode is the most common number. the median is the middle number in a squence (make sure you put the sequence in size order). the range is where you take the smallest number and subtract it from the largest number in the sequence.

How do you do mode in maths?

the mode is the highest occurring of term in a number sequence. eg:- 23,24,25,14,25,14,16,23,25,25...... here the mode is 25,as it is occurring more than the other numbers

What is a mode math?

The mode is the number that shows up the most in a sequence of numbers. Ex. 5,3,2,8,9,10,10,4,5,5. Since five show up the most( 3 TIMES) THEN THIS MAKES IT THE MODE

What does mode mean in a line plot?

The mode is defined as the term which is repeated for the highest number of times in an array or a sequence. If many terms are repeated for a similar number of times and highest, that array has more than one value for mode.

What does mode mean in algebra?

If you're talking with probability then it's the middle number of a sequence. Eg ( 2 3 4 5 6 7)- The mode is 4.

How do you get the sequence of 3354435543?

3354435543 is a single number, it is not a sequence.3354435543 is a single number, it is not a sequence.3354435543 is a single number, it is not a sequence.3354435543 is a single number, it is not a sequence.

How do you find the mode if the sequence has only one of each number?

There is no mode, so just write no mode. Solution solved, I had the same problem but then I just asked my Teacher and if there are two modes you write down both.

How do you work out the numbers in the sequence if given the mode mean median and range?

You cannot, with the information available. Probably not, but if you were given one more bit of information, the number of numbers in the sequence, then you might have a good chance if there aren't too many numbers in the sequence. If there is an odd number of numbers, then the median is the number such that half of the numbers are greater, and half are smaller. The mode is the number that occurs most often. The mean is the sum of all of the numbers, divided by the number of numbers. The range is the largest number minus the smallest number. For example, take this number sequence: 1, 2, 2. Given: mode=2, range=1, median=2, mean=5/3. Start with the mode. There must be at least two 2's, since it is the mode; so it must occur more often than any other number. The range is only 1; so it could go from 2 to 3, or from 1 to 2, assuming that only whole numbers are used. If the third number were 3, then the mean would be (2+2+3)/3=7/3. If the third number were 1, then the mean would be (1+2+2)/3=5/3, which matches the given mean; so the number sequence is 1, 2, 2. However, since we were not given the number of numbers in the sequence, could the sequence also be: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2? The answer is, "Yes, it could be." So the bottom line is that if you were also given the number of numbers in the sequence, and it wasn't too many, you could have a good chance of figuring out the sequence from the mode, mean, median, and range. Another thing to think about is , if all of the numbers in the sequence are different, then you have multimodal rather than unimodal, and you might be given all of the numbers just from the mode. For example, the following number sequence 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 21, 53, 77. Given the mode, mean, median, and range, could you figure out all of the numbers in the sequence. Answer: Yes, no problem, since it is multimodal, and no number occurs more often than any other number, the mode term would include all of the numbers in the sequence. How about this sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 12, 12, 17, 17? This sequence is trimodal; so the three modes are 1, 12, 17. If you were given that there were 8 numbers in the sequence, then you would know that there were only 2 numbers yet to determine, and from adding up the 6 numbers that you know from the mode, and knowing the mean, you should be able to determine that the two unknown numbers add up to 5. It can't be 1 and 4, since that would make 1 the only mode. It couldn't be 0 and 5, since you know the range, and that wouldn't fit. Any negative number wouldn't fit into the given range, which is 16. So you would be able to figure out that 2 and 3 were the remaining two numbers.

The mode will always be unique?

The mode statistic is not always unique. For example, look at the following sequence of numbers: 1,2,2,3,4,4,5. Both 2 and 4 are modes for this sequence.

What is the mode in 72 79 84 and 88?

there is no mode. A mode is a sequence of numbers that have a pair: EXAMPLE: 21 13 54 77 13 90 65 77 3 88 21 the mode would be 21 13 and 77 because they were repeated in the sequence.

What is the full number sequence of pi?

It is an irrational number; therefore the sequence is endless. The 'full number sequence' can never be known.

7 famous number sequences?

There is the Morris number sequence and the Fibonacci number sequence. The Padovan sequence. The Juggler sequence. I just know the Fibonacci sequence: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377 Morris number sequence: 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211...

What number that appears most often in a set of data is called?

The most frequent number in a sequence is called the 'mode'. For example:1,3,7, 9, 15, 11, 16, 19, 11, 11The mode there would be 11 because that was the number that appeared the most times.

Can the mode and the median have the same value?

Yes. For example, in the sequence {1,2,2,2,2,3,4,7} 2 is the median, and 2 is also the mode.

What is the sequence for 100?

There is no sequence for a single number.

What does mode mean in mathamatics?

my 6-7th grade teacher helped me remember it by saying it like a cow. the mooode is the moooost used number in a sequence

Is mode or mean typical number?

Mode is the typical number.

What does the mode of a number mean?

the mode of a number is the number that occurs most frequently

What number sequence is -2?

-2 is a single number. A single number is not sufficient to define a sequence.