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There is no mode, so just write no mode. Solution solved, I had the same problem but then I just asked my Teacher and if there are two modes you write down both.

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Q: How do you find the mode if the sequence has only one of each number?
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How do you find mode in a sequence of numbers?

The Mode is the most frequent number. Simply find the number that occurs most. Hope this helps.:-)

What is a mode in a number sequence?

The number that occurs most in a number sequence.

How do you find the mode if each number aprears the same amount of times?

Each number is a mode. You have a multimodal distribution and the mode is a useless measure is such cases.

Where is mode used?

In maths it is the highest number in a sequence :)

The meaning of mode?

it is the highest number minus the lowest number in a sequence of numbers

How do you calculate mode?

to calculate the mode first you take the number sequence that you have been given and find the number that appears the most/ is the most common. the number that is the most common is the mode.

What does the mode mean in maths?

In any given set, the mode is the number that appears most often. If no number appears more frequently than any other, there is no mode. Ex. (10, 17, 20, 45, 68) This set has no mode.

What is the meaning of mode in maths?

mode in maths means most common number (usually in a sequence) kofie2468

Mathematics what does the mode medium and range mean?

the mode is the most common number. the median is the middle number in a squence (make sure you put the sequence in size order). the range is where you take the smallest number and subtract it from the largest number in the sequence.

Why do we find mode?

You find out the mode to find the most appearing number

How do you find mode if no number the same?

then there is no mode

How can you find sequence when mean mode and median is given?

The question doesn't give enough information to give you a specific sequence.