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There is no definition since, unfortunately, there is no such word as multicative.

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Q: What is a multiplicative relationship in math?
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Can a multiplicative be divided?

No. A "multiplicative" is an adjective, not a noun. For example a multiplicative inverse, or a multiplicative relationship, or multiplicative model. It is not a number and cannot be divided.

What is the math term for reciprocal?

The multiplicative inverSe

What is another name for 1 in math?

It is the multiplicative identity.

What is the math term for 1 x a equals a?

This is the multiplicative identity.

What does the word multiplicative identity mean in math?

Multiplicative Identity states that the product of any number and one is the number itself.

What does 'unit' mean in math term?

One, single, multiplicative identity.

What does multiplicative inverse mean in math?

In mathematics, a multiplicative inverse or reciprocal for a number x, denoted by 1/x or x−1, is a number which when multiplied by x yields the multiplicative identity, 1

What type of property in math is this 3x1 equals 3?

The Multiplicative Property of 1.

What are oppposites in math?

Opposites in math are called inverses. There are two of these inverses: an additive and a multiplicative. The additive inverse of a number is that number multiplied by -1. If this is added to the number, then the result will be 0. The multiplicative inverse of a number is its reciprocal. This is the number converted into a fraction then flipped. If you multiply a number with its multiplicative inverse, the result will be 1.

What does multiplivativeintverse mean in math terms?

The multiplicative inverse is a fraction flipped upside down. It is also called the reciprocal. Examples: The multiplicative inverse of x is 1/x. The multiplicative inverse of 3/5 is 5/3.

What does multiplicative identity mean in math?

Any number times 1 is the number itself.

What is multiplicative inverse in math?

click shift then click g,k there ya go

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