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Q: What is a non example of algorithm?
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What is the example of finiteness in algorithm?

An example of finiteness in algorithm is when a loop within the algorithm has a predetermined number of iterations, meaning it will only run a specific number of times before completing. This ensures that the algorithm will eventually terminate and not run indefinitely.

Example of md5 algorithm?


What is greedy algorithm and its sample programs?

A greedy algorithm will return as many results as possible. It depends on the algorithm what that means.An example would be in regular expressions. The regexp "/(a.+b)/" searches for a string that starts with "a" and ends with "b". So in the string "There's a bunny in the basket" a greedy algorithm would find "a bunny in the b", while a non-greedy search would find "a b".

What is Non adaptive routing algorithm?

Answer: shortest path routing

Difference between adaptive and non adaptive algorithm?

Non adaptive algorithm requires any changes to be made manually. Adaptive algorithms are able to make any changes automatically.

What is an algorithn?

If you mean "Algorithm" an algorithm is simply a set of rules, or steps to complete, which are needed to solve a particular problem. An example would be a recipe in a cookbook. A recipe is an algorithm.

Give an example of a backtracking algorithm?

4d + 7 = -15

Difference between deterministic and nondeterministic algorithm in design and analysis of algorithm?

Algorithm is deterministic if for a given input the output generated is same for a function. A mathematical function is deterministic. Hence the state is known at every step of the algorithm.Algorithm is non deterministic if there are more than one path the algorithm can take. Due to this, one cannot determine the next state of the machine running the algorithm. Example would be a random function.FYI,Non deterministic machines that can't solve problems in polynomial time are NP. Hence finding a solution to an NP problem is hard but verifying it can be done in polynomial time. Hope this helps.Pl correct me if I am wrong here.Thank you.Sharada

Design an algorithm for finding all the factors of positive integerfor example in the case of the integer 12your algorithm should report 12346 and 12?

design an algorithm for finding all the factors of a positive integer

midpoint circle algorithm example in real life?

الزكاء الاصطناعي

Design recursive algorithm for computing 2n for any non negative integer n which is based on the formula2n2n-1 2n-1?

The formula, as far as I can see, is not appropriate for the algorithm.

What is the Limitations of implementing non-preemptive SJF algorithm?

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