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when you represent any equation in a graph it is said to be linear.Accordin to me , not having a definite equation , is said to be non-linear.

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Q: What is a nonlinear in math?
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What is nonlinear?

Nonlinear means something is not in a line. It is a term commonly used in math, meaning two or more equations are not on the same line.

What is difference between linear and nonlinear control system?

linear system is like a chemistry equation or math equation where on both sides it must balance. Nonlinear is a math equation or physics that does not appear to have a direct answer just like chaos theory. lulu254ever

What is a nonlinear scale?

A scale that is nonlinear. ~

What is nonlinear circuit?

A nonlinear component is one in which the current is not proportional to the voltage, in other words it does not follow Ohm's law. The commonest nonlinear component is a diode. A nonlinear circuit is one with a nonlinear component in it.

Nonlinear model of communication?

what is nonlinear?can anybody give me this answer.

When was Nonlinear Oscillations - journal - created?

Nonlinear Oscillations - journal - was created in 1998.

What is the difference between the linear editing and nonlinear editing?

nonlinear is easier than linear

Is y equals x2 a nonlinear equation?

If you mean y = x2, then yes, it is nonlinear.

What is an equation for nonlinear?

an nonlinear equation can be y=3x m dose not equal 7

How do you use nonlinear graph in sentence?

A nonlinear graph doesn't make a straight line.

What is a nonlinear equation?

A nonlinear equation does not produce a straight line and the exponent is to the second power or more. x square plus 3y =5 is an example of a nonlinear equation.

What is the difference between linear and nonlinear?

Linear is a straight line. Nonlinear is a crooked or curved line.

Difference types of nonlinear data structure?

Tree, Graphs are the types of nonlinear data structure.

Is There's Something About Mary chronological or nonlinear?

Nonlinear, since there are character flashbacks throughout the movie.

When was A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History created?

A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History was created in 1997.

When was Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics created?

Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics was created in 1994.

Whether the transistor is linear or nonlinear device-?

The weather transistor in known as nonlinear. This is a type of device.

What companies provide nonlinear programming?

The companies developing optimization software provide nonlinear programming, such as LINDO Systems Inc, or MathWorks. They provide you the tool or program to build nonlinear model.

Is rectifier a non linear device?

diode is nonlinear device,so device from diode is also nonlinear

What is nonlinear modulation?

nonlinear device modulation is a process which imparts to sinusoidal two or more amplitude levels.

Is 5xto the second power plus xto the sixth power equals 12 linear or nonlinear?


What has the author Alexei Pavlov written?

Alexei Pavlov has written: 'Uniform output regulation of nonlinear systems' -- subject(s): Nonlinear control theory, Nonlinear functional analysis

What has the author C V Pao written?

C. V. Pao has written: 'Nonlinear parabolic and elliptic equations' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Nonlinear, Nonlinear Differential equations

Is nonlinear positive or negative?

Nonlinear can be only positive or only negative, or switch between the two over its domain.

How Cell behavior based on nonlinear dynamic systems?

Movement of ions across cellular membranes is nonlinear because the channels that allow the movement is either on or off. The on and off states form a discontinuous (nonlinear) behavior. Cellular action potential firing is also nonlinear in form, but this is caused by the behavior of the ion channels.