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Q: What is a nonprofessional called?
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Who can be a nonprofessional?

Anyone who is not a professional in the subject you are refering to.

What is the synonym for amateur?

beginner, learner, recruit, apprentice, nonprofessional, novice

Can a nonprofessional be guilty of malpractice?

Yes. It may be officially labeled as something other than malpractice, but they can be prosecuted.

Other than tooth jewel kit what are the other cosmetic dental products that can be used by nonprofessional?

Home whitening products

Do you believe that a sociopath can be truly helped by a nonprofessional?

Most professionals are of the opinion that sociopaths (antisocial personalities) cannot be helped appreciably by professionals.

What is the name of the bar that hold the engine under the car?

It is called the engine cradle, 4 main bolts hold the cradle to the sub-frame. An easy way to pull an engine is to drop the cradle to the ground, AFTER unhooking ALL the wiring and hoses. This should not be attempted by a nonprofessional.

What does AO mean in horses?

If you are referring to competing at in hunter jumpers AO refers to Amateur Owner. This would be a nonprofessional 18 years or older, showing a horse that they own.

How can you account services rendered by a nonprofessional?

I would need more information to answer this question. What is the reporting unit (e.g., a for-profit corporation, a non-profit, a governmental entity). Are the services charged or free of charge?

What camera is the best camera 2011?

The Nikon Digital SLR series produces the best professional camera for the nonprofessional photographer. The pictures taken at night are as clear and focussed as those take in the daytime.

Is it considered cheating if you are turned on by a webcam clip on You tube in which a nonprofessional model is dressed scantily but you don't do anything to contact the girl or interact with her?


What type of tools are produced under SIC 3546?

The U.S. power-driven handtool industry includes professional and nonprofessional tools such as electric drills, portable chain saws, portable electric sanders, and pneumatic hammers.

What happens when you mix 30 volume creme developer and bleach?

30 volume developer is often mixed with bleach for high lift blonding. This mixture is very effective, but should be used cautiously if done by a nonprofessional. There can be serious side effects if left on the hair too long.