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Q: What is a normal standardization mark in an ECG?
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A normal standardization mark should measure?

with normal sensitivity setting 1 mv of electtricity elevates the standardization mark

What is the standardization mark on an ECG?

A normal standardization mark is 10 mm high and 0.2 seconds long. The purpose of it is to make sure that the waves will be printed at the accurate height and speed of the EKG. If the height and speed are not correct, then the patient's EKG results could show falsely low, tall, long, or short waves. This could cause an incorrect diagnosis to be made.

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What is the ECG of a normal human?

the electrocardiograph

An ECG provides imformation about what?

An ECG provides information about the wearer of the ECG's heartrate and rhythm of the heart. It provides information about wether it is normal or abnormal.

Why does RR interval of ECG vary during normal respiration?

The RR interval of ECG vary during normal respiration because of the sinus arrhythmia.

What portion of the ECG indicates ventricular repolarization?

The portion of the ECG that indicates ventricular repolarization or recovery is the t wave. It is the wave found after the QRS complex (Ventricular depolarizaton) in a normal ECG

In a normal ECG trace, what does a QRS wave indicate?

the contraction of the ventricles

In a normal ECG tracing?

the repolarization of the atria is hidden by the QRS wave

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Is it possible that the person has normal ECG but zero pulse?

Yes, it is appearently possible.

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