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Q: What is a number 100 less than a hundred thousand?
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What is a number greater than ten thousand but less than nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety nine?

eleven thousand.

What number is one hundred less than ten thousand?

9,900 (nine thousand nine hundred)

What number is one hundred less than twenty thousand?

It is: 20,000 -100 = 19,900

What number is one hundred less than 10 thousand?


What is the biggest number that is more than thousand but less than a million?

hundred thousands

How do you write words for the number which is one hundred less than one hundred thousand?

One hundred-thousand, minus one hundred equals ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred (99,900).

How many times less is a hundred than a thousand?

The number 100 is ten times less than 1000.

What is the biggest whole number that is less than one hundred thousand?

That would be 99,999. It is written out as ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine.

What number rounded to the nearest hundred thousand in 319694?

It is: 300,000 because 10,000 is less than 50,000

How do you write the standard form of the number which is 1000000 less than five million three hundred twelve thousand eight hundred?


How do you round off 138205 to the nearest hundred thousand?

find the hundred thousand place, the 1 Because the next place, 3, is less than 5, the rounded number is 100,000

What number is five thousand more than one hundred thousand?