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a complex number

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Q: What is a number of the form a plus bi where a is the real part and b is the imaginary part?
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How can you tell which part of a complex number is the real part and which is the imaginary part?

The imaginary part is expressed as a product of i(square root of negative one), typically following a plus sign, so that the complex number has the form a + bi, with "a" the real part and "bi" the imaginary part.

How do you write complex numbers in the form a plus bi?

A complex number comes in two parts: a real part and an imaginary part. If the value of the real part is a and the value of the imaginary part is b, the number is written as a + bi.

What is a number added to 9 in math?

Any number, real or imaginary, can be the sum of another number plus 9.

The set of complex numbers contains only numbers of the form a plus bi where a and b are positive numbers and you is the imaginary unit?

Not exactly. The numbers (a & b) can be any real number (positive or negative). It is the letter i, which represents the imaginary unit sqrt(-1).False

What is the square root of the imaginary number i?

It is plus or minus ( 1 + i) / sqrt(2) multiply together and you get i

Whats real numbers?

A real number is any number between minus and plus infinity, or it is not an imaginary number.

Find the complex conjugate of 14 plus 12i?

To find the complex conjugate of a number, change the sign in front of the imaginary part. Thus, the complex conjugate of 14 + 12i is simply 14 - 12i.

The polynomial 4x2 plus 5x plus 4 has how many roots?

None, it involves the square root of a negative number so the roots are imaginary.

What is the complex conjugate of negative one minus nine imaginary?

It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.It is negative one plus nine imaginary.

How can you write each number in stardard form example 300000 plus 70000 plus 1000 plus 500 plus 10?

Standard form is the sum of all the numbers in the expanded form. Using the example, the standard form for the expansion of that number would be 371,510.

What is the complex form of 4 plus 4i plus 4 plus 6i?

the problem: what is 4 + 4i + 4 + 6i what you do is add the real and imaginary parts, thus: 4+4 and 4i+6i = 8+10i answer.

What is a number that can be written in the form a plus bi where a and b are real numbers?

A number of the form (a + bi) is a complex number.