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9 × 6 − 4 = 50

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Q: What is a number that when you multiply it by 6 and you subtract 4 from the product and you get 50?
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What number you get when you multiply by 8 subtract 12 divide by 4 add 7 to get 50?

You get 50.

How many times ca n you subtract the number 2 from the number 50?

24 times you can subtract the number 2 from the number 50.

What is the product of 50 and 9?

If by product you mean multiply then 450.

What number to use to make 10?

2 and 5 if you multiply them. 50 and 5 if you divide them. 5 and 5 if you add them. 15 and 5 if you subtract them.

How many times can you subtract 2 times 50?

The number of times can you subtract 50 by 2 is 25

If it is 50 degrees celsius what is in Fahrenheit?

122. Subtract 10% from C. Multiply times 2. Add 32. Works on any number. 50 -5*2+32=122

Can you times divide add or subtract to get 50 to 30?

Any of them. To get 50 to 30 you could... subtract 20 add -20 divide by 5/3 multiply by 3/5

What number can you multiply by 2 to get 50?

yes you can multiple 2 to get to 50 y can multiply 2x25=50

What is 50.3625 in DMS form?

50.3625 in DMS form is 50.21.45 50 is the D part. Subtract 50 to get 0.3625. Multiply by 60 to get 21.75. 21 is the M part. Subtract 21 to get 0.75. Multiply by 60 to get 45. 45 is the S part.

What is a product number?

A product is the answer to a multiplication problem.example: 5x10=50 where 50 is the product------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A product number may also be a number used to identify a thing produced in a factory.

What can you add subtract and multiply to equal 43?

40 + 3 50 - 7 43 x 1

What prime numbers can you multiply that will give you the product 50?

2 x 5 x 5 = 50

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