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In a fraction the denominator is divided into the numerator which is above the denominator

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Q: What is a number to be divided numerator in fraction?
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What is the name of a number being divided in a fraction?


What is The dividend or number being divided in a fraction?

It is the numerator.

How do you determine if a fraction is in simplest form?

if the fraction's numerator and denominator cant be divided by any number remembber both numerator and denominator must be divided by the same number

When the numerator and the denominator of the same fraction are divided by the same number what is it divided by?


Does adding the same nonzero number to the numerator and denominator of a fraction produce an equivalent fraction?

No because the numerator and the denominator must be multiplied or divided by the same number for a given equivalent fraction

Is the top number and the bottom number the qualities of a fraction?

The qualities for a fraction are a numerator (the top number) divided by a denominator (the bottom number).

What is the term for the part of the fraction that names the amount of parts being counted?

The number of parts being counted is the numerator of a fraction The number of parts into which the whole has been divided is the denominator of a fraction.

The dividend or number being divided in a fraction is called?

The numerator is divided by the denominator in a fraction as for example 3/4 = 0.75 as a decimal.

How improper fraction into a mixed number?

numerator divded by denominator (top number divided by bottomP)

What is the definition of nominator in a fraction?

I can't tell if you're asking about the numerator or the denominator.The numerator is the number on top, being divided into.The denominator is the number on bottom, dividing the numerator.

What is the number written above the line in a fraction?

That would be the numerator. The numerator is above the denominator. The numerator divided by the denominator would be equal to the quotient. So, numerator/denominator = quotient

How do you change fraction to a mixed number?

You do the numerator divided by the denominator, then simplify the fractions if you can. (this is how you change a improper fraction to a mixed number, you cannot change a proper fraction to a mixed number)