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18 and 19

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Q: What is a number you can square that gives you an answer bigger than 300 but smaller than 400?
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What is a number that you can square and gives you an answer bigger than 700 but smaller than 800?

272 = 729; 282 = 784 √700 = 26.45... so first square number greater than 700 is 272 = 729 √800 = 28.28... so last square number less than 800 is 282 = 784

Which number can you square that gives an answer smaller than the number thought of?

3i where i is the square root of negative one.3i x 3i = -9

Which is bigger one third or one fourth?

When the numerators are the same, the bigger denominator gives the smaller fraction and the smaller denominator the bigger fraction. So 3 < 4 means that 1/3 > 1/4

When converting from a small unit to a large unit do you multiply or divide?

You expect to end up with fewer of the large unit than you had of the small unit. Multiplication usually gives a bigger number than you started with. Division usually gives a smaller number than you started with.

Is subtraction a short cut for addition?

No, subtraction is not a short cut for additon. In addition, you add numbers to another number to make it bigger. For example, adding 2 to 3 gives you 5. You can see that 5 is bigger than 2 and 3. However, for subtraction, you take away numbers to make a number smaller. If you take away 2 from 5, you get 3. As you can see, 3 is smaller than 5, which proves that subtraction makes a number smaller.

What is the number when multiplied by itself gives the stated number?

That is called the square root of a number.

What do you do to change a square into a polygon Do you extent all sides or not?

It seems to us that you don't have to do anything, because a square is already a polygon. Extending the sides of a square just gives you a bigger square.

What is the square root of243?

The square root of 243 is 15.58. The square root is the number that when factored gives that number. 15.58 squared is 243.

What do you call a number when multiplied by itself gives the stated number?

Square root

Can a negative number be a square?

the square is positive always.Except in the case of an Imaginary number. An imaginary number is a number that gives a negative result when squared,where i= √-1

In 11 a square number?

No. A square number is one that has an integral as its square root. For example, 9 is a square number because 3 x 3 = 9. There is no whole number that gives you 11 when multiplied by itself.

What is the sqare root of -9?

The square root of a number is a number, which, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number. The square root of 9 is 3.