What is a one dimension fugure geometry?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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A straight line is a one dimensional figure in geometry

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Q: What is a one dimension fugure geometry?
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What is the difference between a driving and driven dimension?

Driving Dimension: the geometry is controlled by the dimension. Driven Dimension: the dimension is controlled by the geometry.

What undefined geometry term has one dimension?

A point.

Has a location but no dimension in geometry?

A point.

The three basic building blocks of geometry are pointline and plane?

It's dimension, points, and space.

Are there other dimensioons?

It all depends what you mean by dimensions - for example in geometry a point is said to have zero dimension a figure having length, such as a line has one dimension a plane or surface has two dimensions a figure having volume has three dimensions the fourth dimension is said to be time any other dimension can not be represented visually but may be dealt with mathematically

Why do you need to study geometry?

Geometry sharpens thinking skills by teaching us spatial relations, the process of logical reasoning and deductive thinking. We learn the first dimension first.

What is a fugure with five sides called?

A pentagon

A polygon that is a flat surface of a solid fugure?


What has one endpoint and one dimension?

whats are some things that are one dimension

What is dimension in geometry?

Dimension is either the length, width, or height of a shape. In a 2-D or flat object there are 2 dimensions (length and width). In a 3-D shape there are 3 dimensions (length,width, and height)

What has the author Linda Dalrymple Henderson written?

Linda Dalrymple Henderson has written: 'The fourth dimension and non-Euclidean geometry in modern art' -- subject(s): Art, Modern, Fourth dimension, Geometry, Non-Euclidean, Modern Art, Themes, motives 'Duchamp in context' -- subject(s): Art and science, Criticism and interpretation

What has the author Audun Holme written?

Audun Holme has written: 'Geometry' -- subject(s): Geometry, History 'On the minimal dimension of the ambient space of a projective scheme' -- subject(s): Algebraic fields, Algebraic varieties, Projective Geometry 'Embeddings, projective invariants, and classifications' -- subject(s): Embeddings (Mathematics), Invariants, Projective Geometry