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Q: What is a one half minus one over six minus two over eleven?
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eleven tenths minus one half?

eleven tenths minus one half equals _____ 11/10 - 1/2 = 6/10 = 3/5

What is 11 over 15 minus 10 over 15?

Eleven fifteenths minus ten fifteenths is equal to one fifteenth.

What is 5 over 9 minus one fourth?

The answer is eleven thirty-sixths.

Which is bigger minus 1 or minus 11?

Minus one (also known as negative one) is larger than minus eleven (also known as negative eleven).

What is six sevenths minus one third equal?

11/21 (eleven over twenty-one)

What is one and a half minus one and a half?

One and a half minus one and a half is zero.

What is one minus eleven twelfths?

one minus eleven twelfths = 1 - 11/12 = 12/12 - 11/12 = 1/12

What is 6 over 8 minus one half?


What is seventenn over twenty minus one half?


What is one hundred-eleven minus forty-four?

111 minus 44 is 67.

What is three six minus one half in fractions?

0 over 6

What is one half minus one quarter?

One half minus one quarter is one quarter.