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The slope of a perpendicular line is not defined.

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Q: What is a perpendicular line referring to slope in math?
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What is the line called from top to bottom math question?

It could be referring to a perpendicular line

What is the measure of two intersecting perpendicular line?

If you are asking for slope, the slope of one line is m, the slope of the other is -1/m. For example, if the slope for one line is 5, the slope of the other line is -1/5 = -0.2 . (Math Open Reference)

Give the equation of a line that is perpendicular to a line?

(I am going to assume you are higher or in grade 9 math) So use the y=mx + b Use the negative reciprocal of the "m"(slope) part. Do this by simply flipping the fraction. This slope will be perpendicular to the original formula.

When is the inverse of a itself a function?

Since the inverse of a function is it's reflection over the line x=y, which has a slope of 1. The only way a function can be It'a own inverse is if it is a liner function whose slope is perpendicular to the line. Since a perpendicular line is any line with the negative recoprocal of the slope, any linear function whose slope is -1 will be it's own inverse. - stefanie math 7-12 teacher

In math what is the graident?

gradient in math refers to the slope of a line

Is the slope and intercept the same thing in math?

No. You are referring to a line on an XY graph, where X is the horizontal axis and Y is the vertical one. Equations are commonly graphed this way. Slope refers to the angle at which the graphed line goes up or down. If it is steep, it is a higher slope. If it is closer to flat, it is a low slope. Intercept refers to the point at which the line crosses the Y axis.

What is right bisector in math?

A right bisector of a line segment, is better know as a perpendicular bisector. It is a line that divides the original line in half and is perpendicular to it (makes a right angle).

What does a perpendicular line in math look like?

A straight line that intersects another straight line at 90 degrees

Write the equation of a line that has a y-intercept of -6 and a slope of -5?


What does the math term perpendicular mean?

In geometric terms, one line is said to be perpendicular to another when their angle of intersection is 90°

What is perpendicular mean in math?

It means a line that intersects with another line. Where as parallel would be a lines that do not intersect, ever.

What does trend mean you math terms?

A trend is a math term. It is on a line graph. It is a slope between two variables.