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There are infinitely many different plane figures that can be made up of 2-dimensional shapes - provided that they are all in the same plane.

There cannot be any 3-dimensional shapes involved.

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Q: What is a plane figure made up of 2- or 3- dimensional shapes?
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What is a two dimensional figure made of points that lie in the same plane?

Cartesian coordinate system

Meaning of spatial figure in math?

Spatial figure is a three dimensional figure. It is made up of plane figure whose all sides are joined together to form a close figure

What do you call the two dimensional representation of a solid made by cutting the solid at its edges and laying it out flat?

Plane figure

What is a figure made of trianglesquadrilateralsand other two dimensional figure?

It can be any 2-dimensional figure.

What's the difference between a polygon and a polyhedron?

polyhedron is often defined as a geometric object with flat faces and straight edges polygon is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a closed path or circuit, composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments (i.e., by a closed polygonal chain). .

What solid figure has 3rectangular faces and 2 triagular?

3-dimensional shapes made by extruding a polygon are called prisms.In this instance it would be a triangular prism.

What is a figure made of triangles quadrilaterals and two three dimensional figures called?

It is a three dimensional figure of some sort.

What two dimensional shape is made out of a polyhedron?

None. A polyhedron is 3 dimensional and you cannot make a 2 dimensional shape out of 3D shapes.

What is a similar plane figure?

It is a figure that is the same as another figure in the plane. A square is the same plane figure as another square, but a cube is same the same plane figure even tho it is made up of 6 squares.

What two dimensional shapes is a rectangular prism made up of?

Of rectangles and squares.

Are all 3D shapes made from 2d shapes?

3-d shapes are not made from 2-d shapes. 3-d shapes may have projections onto a plane that are 2-d.

What shapes have perpendicular lines?

Two-dimensional shapes made with perpendicular lines include (but are not limited to) right-triangles, rectangles, octagons, and dodecagons. Three-dimensional shapes made with perpendicular lines include (but are not limited to) cubes, octahedrons, cuboctahedrons, and icosahedrons.

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