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Now how about an answer from someone who knows how painful and annoying leg cramps can be? Read below:

Having had "charley horse" cramps since I was quite young I have looked for answers to this question for years. I found out that there are two things that are believed to cause muscle cramps. Low potassium is one and dehydration is the other. I read this in several web sites and/or medical "lifestyle-type" books. I've been told it is necessary to eat a banana(a good source of potassium) every day. As for water( I read this on line)- I found that if I drink about 12- 20 ounces of water several times a day-I don't have cramps AND generally feel better anyway!

Although I have never read about this, I personally came upon this solution myself:For several years now, I have found that drinking a cup of warm milk relieved the cramps- I don't think there is any reason for this-maybe it helped me to relax?

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Q: What is a possible diagnosis of muscle cramps in the legs and absence of reflex?
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Which is not one of the possible side effects of pollution intake?

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What are muscle spasms and cramps?

Muscle spasms and cramps are spontaneous, often painful muscle contractions.

What other name is muscle cramps?

the other name for muscle cramps is "pulikat"

What makes charlie horses and cramps happen?

There are a few possible causes of charlie horses and muscle cramps. They can be caused by dehydration and lack of water intake, muscle injuries, swimming in high temperatures and stress.

Do guys get cramps?

Yes they do.. thay do not get period cramps but they can get muscle cramps.

What is the difference between cramps and spasms?

what is the difference between muscle spasm and muscle cramps

What type of respiration does muscle cells perform?

Aerobic Respiration however muscle cells can also carry out anaerobic respiration in the absence of oxygen. This leads to a build up of lactic acid which causes cramps.

Muscle cramps and muscle spasams are signs of what?


What can be relieved by massaging the muscle?

Muscle spasms or cramps.

Why do you feel cramps in your legs after running hard?

The cramps are a symptom of muscle fatigue, low sodium, or low potassium, but the cause of your cramps is most likely muscle fatigue.

Muscle cramps are caused by what buildup in the muscle?

Lactic Acid.

How do you prevent cramps?

Preventing CrampsBananas help prevent muscle cramps, due do to their abundance of potassium.

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Muscle Spasms and Cramps in adults?

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I gave blood for the 1st time ever today. I have muscle cramps in both of my feet tonight and feel sick at my stomach. I also wonder if muscle cramps are a side effect of donating blood.

Following a strenuous training exercise at Eglin AFB, you suspect one of your Airmen may be suffering from heat exhaustion Which sign/symptom would lead you to this diagnosis?

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Does alveolis cause muscle cramps?


What are signs of Potassium Dificiency?

Muscle cramps.

Is quinine used for muscle cramps?

Yes, it can be.

What can cause Muscle cramps and muscle spaasms?

loss of fluid and potassium in the muscles

What happens when an entire muscle contracts strongly and stays contracted?

when a muscle cramps

Does eating strawberries cause muscle cramps?

im not sure but i know that bananas cure cramps.

Can magnesium help with muscle cramps?

Magnesium is involved with muscle contraction and relaxation. In theory, then, magnesium supplements could be helpful with muscle cramps, but it's always best to check with your doctor to ensure there are not other problems causing the cramps. Magnesium is found in many multivitamins.

How are muscle spasms and cramps treated by doctors?

More prolonged or regular cramps may be treated with drugs such as carbamazepine, phenytoin, or quinine. Treatment of underlying metabolic or neurologic disease, where possible, may help relieve symptoms.