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The common prefix for one hundredth is centi. For example, one hundredth of a metre is one centimetre. One hundredth of a gram is one centigram.

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Q: What is a prefix for one hundredth?
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What ite prefix for one hundredth of a unit?

The prefix for one hundredth of a unit is "centi-". For example, one centimeter is one hundredth of a meter.

What does the prefix centi- stand for?

In metric units, the centi- prefix means one hundredth. eg a centimetre is one hundredth of a metre. eg a centilitre is one hundredth of a litre

What is the prefix for one-hundredth?


What is the SI prefix meaning one hundredth?

The SI prefix meaning one hundredth is "centi-". It represents a factor of 0.01 or 1/100.

What prefix is for meter?

The prefix for meter is "centi-", which represents one hundredth of a meter.

Does the prefix centi mean one hundred?

it means one hundredth e.g. centimetre one hundredth of a metre

Is cent a prefix?

"Cent-" is a prefix meaning one hundredth or a fraction of a whole. It is derived from the Latin word "centum" meaning one hundred.

What is the greek fractional prefix meaning one one hundredth?


What does centi mean measurements?

The prefix 'Centi' means one one hundredth (1/100) as ... a Centimeter is a hundredth of a Meter.

.0023mm how many cm?

.00023 cm. MILI prefix= one thousandth CENTI prefix= one hundredth

What does the prefix centi mean?

The prefix centi- means one hundredth (1/100) or divided by one hundred. It is commonly used in the metric system to denote a subunit of a base unit.

Is one millimeter is one hundredth of a meter?

A centimeter (0.3937 in)One hundredth of meter is centimeter. The very prefix "centi" is for one in one hundred. Its mathematical notation is given as 10^-2