What is a protracter?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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a thing used to measure a degrees of an angle

BY asiamarie Spencer

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Q: What is a protracter?
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Why do they use a protracter?

To measure geometrical angles

How can find the measure of the angles?

Try a protracter.

What equipment do you use to measure angle?

A protracter

What are the uses of the protracter?

To measure and construct angles

What do you use to measure an acute angle?


How do you find an angle with in an adjacent angle?

usea protracter

Can we draw all angles without using protracter?


How do you find the area of a triangle using fraction?

get a protracter

What is epoxy plastic used for?

can be used for ruler, sharpners, protracter etc...

How is an astrolabe like a protracter?

Eh... Something, I don't really know.

How do you find the unknown angle of a straight line?

With the protracter, its 180 degrees!!

What is the thing you use to measure angles?

If your talking maths, it would be a protracter.