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Q: Can we draw all angles without using protracter?
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How do you draw a 130 degree angle using a protracter?

It is the line from 0 to 130 degrees on your protractor

How you draw a rectangle twelve centimeters around?

Simple. What you do get a ruler and something to get the angles matching up, therefore use the ruler to make a line 12 cm long. get the protracter and get the angles to match up.

How do you draw a triangle without using a compass or ruler?

You can use a protractor! Draw the baseline and measure the angles and mark them. Then finally join them together!

How to draw a pair of supplementary angles without using a protractor?

Supplementary Angles total 180o. A straight line is theoretically an angle of 180o. Draw a straight line (ruler) and draw another straight line from anywhere you like on it and at any angle you like. You have created a pair of supplementary angles!

How do you draw angles without a protractor?

use a ruler

What are negative quadrant angles?

using protactor, we use to draw angles in anticlockwise direction and that angles are called positive quadrant angles. and angles in clockwise direction, these angles are called negative quadrant angles.

How do you draw a hexagon shape without using a compass?

you just draw lines

Is it possible to draw in java without using applet?

Yes it is possible to draw in java by using AWT package. or by using javax package.

How do you draw a chord when the perpendicular distance is given?

Using the fact that the centre of a chord is at right angles to the radius

How can you draw a triangle with two obtuse angles?

You can draw a triangle with two obtuse angles in a sphere

How do you draw a circle without using graphicsh?


How do you draw tangents to a circle without using its centre?

help me