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A hexagonal pyramid.

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Q: What is a pyramid with 6 faces that are triangles?
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Related questions

What is a pyramid with a hexagon and 6 triangles for a faces?

A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base and six triangles that are connected to the sides of the hexagon.

How many faces does a hexogonal pyramid have?

A hexagonal pyramid has 6 triangular faces that meet at a point. It has 6 triangles and 1 hexagonal base.

Are the side faces of a pyramid triangles?

yes they are triangles

How many faces of a rectangular pyramid are triangles?

4 of the faces of a Rectangular Pyramide are triangles.

What is a 3D shape that has 7 faces 6 of which are congruent triangles?

A hexagon based pyramid.

What type of pyramid has all faces that are triangles?

Triangular pyramid

What shape has 5 faces 4 faces are triangles?


You have five faces four of your faces are triangles what are you?

Square Pyramid

What is the minimum number of faces a pyramid can have?

The most simple pyramid is a tetrahedron. This pyramid has four faces, all triangles. If the pyramid was a cone then it could have two faces.

Are all faces of a square pyramid triangles?

4 faces are triangles and 1 face is a square the square face is the base of the pyramid

How many surfaces a pyramid have?

Depends on which kind of pyramid. An hexagonal pyramid has 6 surfaces, one base that is a polygon and 5 triangles that form its faces.

What has 4 faces that are triangles?

a triangular pyramid

What are the lateral faces for a pentagonal pyramid?


What are the lateral faces of a triangular pyramid?


What shape am i i have 4 congruent triangles as my faces?

You are a triangular based pyramid (tetahedron) with 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices.

What type of pyramid have four faces?

A triangular pyramid has four faces, and is referred to as a tetrahedron if the faces ale all equilateral triangles.

What are the shapes of each of the faces of a square pyramid?

there are 4 triangles in a square pyramid.

What is the shapes of the faces of pyramid?

4 triangles and a square. total of 5 faces

How many face does a regular pentagonal pyramid have?

6 faces , including 5 triangles and one hexagon . :)

Can the faces of a prism be triangles?

Yes, take a pyramid for example. Four of the five faces are triangles, while the base is square.

Are All faces of pyramid are triangles?

No. Usually the base is not.

Are the side faces of a pyramid always triangles?


What is a polygon with three or more faces are triangles?

A pyramid.

Is it possible if someone draws a square pyramid with faces that are triangles?

Yes a square based pyramid will have 4 triangular faces.

Do a square pyramid has triangles as the face?

Yes a square based pyramid has triangular faces

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