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It is a real number.

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Q: What is a real number that has one and only one value not a variable called?
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What is the value of a variable?

A variable can have lots of different values - as opposed to a constant which has only one. That is why it is called a variable!

What are the differences of a constant and a variable?

A constant has only the exact value it's declared and can never be changed. A variable can have any number of values assigned. In programming, a variable can be given a value later in the code but can only be changed during runtime if its been declared as a pointer.

A random variable that can assume only a finite number of values is referred to as?

That would be a discrete variable; or, in your case, it would probably be called a discrete random variable.

Is the independent variable the x value?

Not necessarily. It will be if it is the only independent variable in the system.

A variable that is declared inside a method is called variable?

It is called a local variable since it only exists inside the method.

What is the variable of 4 and 3 12th's?

There is no variable, only a fixed number.

How do you know whether a relation is a function?

Use the definition of a function. If, for any value of one variable, there is only a single possible value of the second variable, then the second variable is a function of the first variable. The second variable is often called the "dependent variable". If you can solve an equation explicitly for the dependent variable, then it is a function. If you can NOT solve it for a variable, it may or may not be a function - it turns out that some equations are hard or impossible to solve explicitly for one of the variables.

What is a discontinuous variable?

A discontinuous variable is a variable that has distinct categories. Blood type is a good example. You could be A, B, AB or O. This contrasts with a continuous variable such as height or weight, where there are an almost infinite number of possible values. Data for discontinuous variables is usually represented using a bar graph or pie chart, but never a scatter graph.

A variable known only to the procedure in which it is declared is called what?

a procedure-level variable

What does discrete mean in algebra?

In basic algebra a discrete variable is one that can only take on specific set of values. For example, if we were to say that X can only take on a whole value between 1 and 10, then X would be a discrete variable. On the other hand, a continuous variable is one that can take on an unlimited number of values. For example, if we were to say X can take on ANY value between 1 and 10, then X is called a continious variable. The important thing to note is that the range of a variable (the min and max values it can take) is different than whether it is discrete or continuous. Discrete only implies a fixed (and known) set of values is possible for a variable

What is meant by discrete random variable?

A discrete random variable is a variable that can only take some selected values. The values that it can take may be infinite in number (eg the counting numbers), but unlike a continuous random variable, it cannot take any value in between valid results.

An experiment in which only one variable the manipulated variable is changed at a time is called?