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Your height is a physical property of your body. As is its mass.

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Q: What is a real world example for physical properties?
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What is a real world example of a fjord?

A fjord is a real world example of a fjord! They exist in the real world.

Is the physical world more or less than real than spiritual or psychological world?

The physical world if more real than a spiritual or psychological world.

What is the real world connection on stalactites?

They exist in the real world: they are physical things.

What is a real world example of circumference?

The Equator is a real world example, being the circumference of the Earth.

What is an example from real life where you would want to use a logarithmic equation?

If by "real life" you include the physical world, then you express the spontaneous decay of radioactivity in a sample with a logarithmic equation.

Is not a physical property of water?

Perhaps the properties of space and time? Possibly the properties of a vacuum? You may be referring to "metaphysics" to distinguish between the real and the apparent properties of matter.

what does phisical mean?

The term "physical" refers to anything related to the natural world, matter, or the body. It can have several meanings depending on the context: **Related to the Body:** When referring to the human body, "physical" often pertains to bodily health, activities, or characteristics. For example, physical fitness, physical examination, or physical appearance. **Related to the Natural World:** In a broader sense, "physical" can describe anything related to the natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, and biology. It involves the study of the physical properties and phenomena of the universe. **Tangible or Material:** "Physical" can also describe things that are tangible, material, or concrete, as opposed to abstract or conceptual. For example, physical objects, physical presence, or physical evidence. **Real or Literal:** It can indicate something that is real or literal rather than metaphorical or symbolic. For instance, a physical location versus a metaphorical one. Overall, "physical" is a versatile term that relates to the tangible, material, bodily, or natural aspects of the world. Its meaning depends on the specific context in which it is used.

What is the real world example?

Of what?

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where could you find a pentagon in the real world

What is a Real world example of conservation'?

Example is too omitted to be real. Example is much more unresponsive

How will the use of the properties of real number help in maintaining peace and harmony in the real world?

ugh sir red

What is a real world example of a prime number?

2 is a real world prime number.