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Q: What is a reasonable meteric unit of the lengh for a paperclip?
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What is the meteric unit for length?

If you're American, it's the meter. Anywhere else, the metre.

What is the metric unit of measuring the volume of a paperclip?

A millilitre.

What is the best unit for the length of a paperclip?

cm mm

How do you work out the size of pump set for pumping water to community?

Fixture unit demands and developed lengh

T metric unit would you use to measure a paperclip?

Laugh out loud

What is the most reasonable unit for a cylinder?

A cylinder can refer to a grain silo or a tiny pellet. A reasonable unit for one will not be reasonable for the other!

What standard unit of length did you use to measure the paperclip?

millimeters or possibly centimeters but most likely millimeters

What unit do you use to find the volume of a solid object?

Cubics lengh x width x height. Not easy unless it is has measurable sides with right angles

What is the most reasonable unit of capacity for a bathtub?


What is a reasonable unit to measure the weight of a mouse?


What unit of length would you use to measure the length of the paperclip?

In the English system, probably inches. In the metric system, probably centimetres.

Which is the most reasonable unit of measure for the legth of a car?

The meter.