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A millilitre.

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Q: What is the metric unit of measuring the volume of a paperclip?
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What is the base metric unit of measuring volume?

The meter is the metric base unit for volume, and the cubic meter is the derived unit.

What is the metric unit for measuring volume of liquid?

litres and millilitres

What metric unit is used for measuring the volume of liquids?

Liters & milliliters

What is the metric unit of mass of a paperclip?


What is the base metric unit for measuring volume?

Any unit with dimensions of [ length3 ] is a unit of volume. Since the basic metric unit of length is the meter, the elementary unit of volume is the cubic meter. The metric units are now synonymous with SI units. The old CGS system is no longer recognised.

What is the metric unit for measuring volume?

Cubic centimeters, Cubic meters, and Cubic decimeters.

What is a standard unit for measuring liters?

The metric unit for measuring volume is the liter. The nearest US customary unit is the quart.

What you a metric unit of volume?

I not a metric unit of anything! A litre is one metric unit for volume.

What metric unit would be used to measure a paperclip?


Metric unit for volume?

the metric unit for volume is: liter/s

What SI unit can be used for measuring volume?

A basic unit of volume in the metric system is a liter. Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. The most accurate tool used to measure volume is a graduated cylinder. Answer In SI, the unit of volume is the cubic metre. While the litre is a metric unit, it is NOT an SI unit.

Is a meterstick a metric unit?

No a meterstick is a tool used for measuring..mass, volume, time, length, and temperature are all metric units

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