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Q: What is a red circle and a diagonal slash on a sign mean?
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What is inequally signs?

It is the 'equals' sign with a diagonal slash through it.

What does an equal sign with a slash in the middle mean in math?

The equal sign with the slash means "is not equal to".

What is the boy sign and girl sign?

the boy sign is a circle and an arrow pointing up and diagonal, while the girls sign points down diagonal with an arrow but its more cross-like. hope this helped!! :]

What the meaning of you turn sign?

A U-Turn sign typically has a diagonal line inside a circle. It means NO U-Turn.

What does an inequality sign look like?

It is the 'equals' sign with a diagonal slash through it.

What does a percent sign look like?

The percent sign looks like this %. It is a forward slash that has a little circle on the top and the lower side of the dash. It is a common icon in the math world.

How do you get 704384 equals to 7127 by using one operation sign that will make the mathematics true?

To turn 704384 = 7127 into a true statement, put a diagonal slash through the equals sign (like so: ≠) to make the statement, 704384 is unequal to 7127.

What does an equals sign with a slash through it mean in algebra?

it means: "does not equal to" it mean that it is not equal to that, like 4a isn't equal to 5g. teehee!

How do you do a division sign on Microsoft Word?

use the forward slash sign /

Sign that represents not equal to?

This is an equals sign with a diagonal line through it ≠ .

What is the divide sign on a computer?

It is the forward slash ("/").

How do you make a confused sign on the keyboard?

Do you mean a question mark? You hold shift and press the forward slash button in the lower right.