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It is the 'equals' sign with a diagonal slash through it.

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> greater than

< less than

> greater than or equal to (underlined)


< less than or equal to (also underlined)


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Q: What does an inequality sign look like?
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What is a solution to the inequality x281?

"x281" is an expression, not an inequality. An inequality is supposed to have an inequality sign, such as "&lt;" or "&gt;".

When is the only time you flip an inequality sign?

When you divide both sides of an inequality by a negative number, the inequality sign flips.

What is the inequality of 13 X plus 2665?

There is no inequality since there is no inequality sign.

How do I write a system of linear inequalities?

Instead of using y = mx + b you use y (inequality sign) mx + b. By inequality sign, I mean symbols like

When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with what sign?

With the equal sign (=).

Do you flip the inequality sign if the only the variable is negative?

No, you only flip the inequality sign if you are dividing by a negative number on both sides of the inequality

When you must reverse the inequality sign?

When solving an inequality, you must revers the inequality sign when you multiply (or divide) both sides by a negative number.

How do you spell equal sign?

inequality sign

Is 82 an inequalitie?

No. An inequality must have an inequality sign, for example, "&lt;".

Solve this inequality 3p- 16 21?

This is not an inequality. There is no &lt;,&gt;, or = sign.

If you replace the equal sign of an equation an put an inequality sign in its place is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and inequality?

Yes, when the inequality has a less that or equal to sign, or a greater than sign or equal to sign, then the equal sign can be replaced and get a solution that is common to both the equation and the inequality. There can also be other solutions to the inequality, where as the solution for the equation will be a valid one.

What is an inequality greater sign?