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Q: What is a rule that keeps related values synchronized?
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What are the three views of a function?

rule, table of values and graph

What advantages can you see of having a function rule instead of a table of values?

A table of values is no use if the domain is infinite.

What basic math rule do the functions follow?

A function calculates a value based on some other values (or several values), using some rule. The only rule that functions must follow is that the value calculated for the function must be uniquely defined.

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What is a rule that assigns a unique y value to every x value?

It is a function from the set of x-values to the set of y-values.

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equality and justice

Use Trapezoidal rule to evaluate the approximate values of definite integrals?


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How can you tell something is a function when you are given values of the function?

If you know some values, then you at least have a function of some sort, but you don't know what other values might be. To be a useful function you must be aware that a rule exists to calculate its value for any situation, and preferably know what the rule (equation or whatever) is.