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A 7 sided shape is a heptagon.

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Q: What is a shape w 7 sides called?
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What is a shape called if it has eleven FREAKING sides?

A shape w/ 11 sides is called a hendecagon.

What is a shape w 5 sides called?

A pentagon is a shape that has 5 sides.

What is the name of a shape that has 10 sides?

A shape that has 10 sides (two dimensional) is called a decagon. A shape that has 10 faces (three dimensional) is call a decahedron.

What does perimeter go by?

for a 4 sided shape... w+w+L+L=perimeter perimeter is the outside of a shape. add all of the sides to get the perimeter.

What open figure shape has 4 sides and starts with the letter W?


W over 2 minus 18 equals neagtive 7?

w/2 - 18 = - 7 Add 18 to both sides of the equation w/2 = - 7 + 18 w/2 = 11 Multiply both sides by 2 w = 11 x 2 w = 22

Which shape has some perpendicular sides but no parallel sides?

a right triangle, a pentagon w/ a right angle, alot of shapes with right angles.

If you 6 feet v 7 feet w 3 feet x 7 feet y 14 feet and z 3 feet what is the area of the object?

The lengths of the sides of a shape with more than 3 sides does not provide enough information to determine its area.

What is 4-w equals 7?

4 - w = 7 subtract 4 from each side 4 - 4 - W = 7 - 4 - W = 3 divide both sides by - 1 ( remember, the implied coefficient of w is - 1 ) (- 1/- 1)w = 3/- 1 w = - 3 =======check in original equation 4 - (- 3) = 7 4 + 3 = 7 7 = 7 ========checks

The perimeter of a rectangle is 36 The ratio of the lengths of the sides is 2 and 7 What are the lengths of the sides?

L + W = P/2 = 18. In ratio of 7:2 sides are 7/9 x 18 and 2/9 x 18 ie 14 and 4

What does perimeter mean in math?

the outside edge of a shape e.g if it was a square the formula would be P=(L)x(W)x2 or in simpler terms add up all the sides of the shape

What shape is Cassiopeia in?

It's in the shape of a "w"!

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