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for a 4 sided shape... w+w+L+L=perimeter

perimeter is the outside of a shape. add all of the sides to get the perimeter.

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Q: What does perimeter go by?
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How do you find the perimeter of a 3D base?

you know You go to www.WWE.Com You go to www.WWE.Com

What is the perimeter of a 4x4x4x cube?

Solid objects do not have a perimeter because it is not possible to go all round the object in a single path.

The distance around a figure is called the?


What is the perimeter of 48?

the answer is go to tutor vista .com to find out

How do you remember formula for area and perimeter?

you go back to school

How do you use go beyond in a sentence?

Don't go beyond the perimeter fence by your self.

How do you measure perimeter feet of swimming pools?

the perimeter is the outside of the pool. So get a big measuring tape from the hardware store and go around it.

How many feet go around a 1 acre?

There's no single answer, because there are an infinite number of correct answers.From knowing the area (1 acre), that doesn't tell you the dimensions, or the perimeter(distance around the edge).Here are a few examples. Everything on this list is 1 acre."Perimeter" means how much fence it takes to go around:40' x 1089'Perimeter = 2258'90' x 484'Perimeter = 1148'120' x 363'Perimeter = 966'121' x 360'Perimeter = 962'180' x 242'Perimeter = 844'208.71' squarePerimeter = 834.8'235.5' circleCircumference = 739.9'

How much fence is needed to go around a yard?

Dimenisions are required to find the perimeter. And if the perimeter is 20 meters, then you need 20 meters of fence.

What is fixed perimeter?

fixed perimeter is the perimeter being fixed

If a bicycles wheel is 84.78 in for the perimeter how far will it go if it rotates once?


The perimeter of the triangle is 48centimeters what is the perimeter of the square?

The perimeter of the square is 96.

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle with the perimeter of a rectangle?

There is no reason for the perimeter of a triangle to have any relation to the perimeter of an unrelated rectangle!

What is the perimeter of a quarter?

What is the perimeter of a square

What is a fixed perimeter?

A perimeter that will not change.

What is the antonym of perimeter?

that is a antonyms for perimeter

The perimeter of the rectangle?

what is the perimeter of the rectangle

what is the perimeter of 6x2?

perimeter is 16

Where can I go online to print off area worksheets?

You can print off area and perimeter worksheets from this website

What is perimeter of cube?

The perimeter of a cube is simply the perimeter of one side of the cube.

What is the ratio of the perimeter of the smaller triangle to the perimeter of the lager triangle?

the ratio of the perimeter of triangle ABC to the perimeter of triangle JKL is 2:1. what is the perimeter of triangle JKL?

What is the semi-perimeter of a triangle with side lengths 11 61 and 60?

Semi-perimeter means half the perimeter. Calculate the perimeter, then divide that by 2 to get the semi-perimeter.

Why do you need to know perimeter of something?

So that you can find out how long it will tkae you go around it

How do you get martin out of the kvatch chaple in oblivion?

You have to clear the perimeter of monsters, which means that you have to go with the guards.

What is the perimeter of a trapezoid with the lengths of 6 and 8 and 9?

go ask yor teacher .