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A space figure is a figure or shape in 3-dimensional space.

It could be solid but it need not be: for example, it could be a wriggly line drawn on the surface of a sphere.

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Q: What is a space figure in geometry?
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What is a geometric figure?

a figure that is used in geometry

Are planes in Geometry always a square or can they be another figure?

They can be any figure

What is interior in geometry?

In a close figure it is the set of points inside the figure.

What is the simplest figure in geometry?

A point

What geometry figure is on a bed?

a rectangle

Which is a simplest figure in geometry?

A point.

What is a one dimension fugure geometry?

A straight line is a one dimensional figure in geometry

What are two applications of Hyperbolic geometry?

Hyperbolic geometry is used very often in space, such as space travel and gravitational pulls and rotations of planets. This geometry is used most often in space because of Einstein's general Theory of Relativity assumes that space is not a Euclidean space, but a hyperbolic one.

What is equiform geometry?

The geometry of similarity in the Euclidean plane or Euclidean space.

What is motion geometry?

Movement of a geometric figure that does not change the size or shape of that figure is known as motion geometry. trust me. this is right. I'm coolio. the rap artist.

What is space in geometry?

The space within an object is its volume.

In geometry - What is a quadrangle?

According to geometry, a quadrangle is a figure having four angles and four sides.

Define geometry in real life?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the size, shape, and relative position of physical elements. Geometry also deals with the properties of space. Geometry looks at the length, width, height, and space of an object.

Describe a point in geometry?

it is a location in space.

What geometry words start with f?


What is sides of a figure that have the same measure?


What geometry figure is a 4 sided figure with one pair of parellel lines?


What can only be transformed in geometry?

Any geometric figure

Is a cube in geometry a three dimensional figure?


What geometry term is the resulting figure from a transformation?


What is the study of shapes and space?

Geometry is the mathematical study of shapes and space.

How is geometry used in football?

Geometry is an important part of football. Players use geometry when they figure out appropriate angles for either running or tackling. Geometry is used in almost every play in a football game.

What is the difference between a circle and a square?

the differrence with circlce and square is that square has a 6faces if in space figure but in plane figure it only has 1 faces and a circle has a two kinds the first is cylinder and the second sphere this is a example of a geometry

Definition of area in geometry?

The area covered by an enclosed figure

What figure has 6 sides for geometry?

A hexagon has 6 sides.