What is a split complement?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is a split complement?
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What is C3 convertase?

Humans have both an "innate" and an "adaptive" immune system. There are a number of proteins circulating in the blood as part of the complement system that belongs to the innate immune system (although the adaptive system can activate it as well). Normally, the complement proteins are inactive. When the immune system detects some threat, the complement system is triggered and the circulating proteins are chemically split into smaller components. C3 convertases are chemicals that cleave C3 complement into breakdown products in both the "classical" and the "alternative" pathways of the complement system.

What is a possessive complement?

The possessive form of the noun complement is complement's.

Can you suggest a story where the plot is split into two to complement the climax?

Almost any high fantasy story, such as The Lord of the Rings, will have several plots which converge on one climax.

What is a homophone for complement?

Complement: Compliment

The complement of an angle is twice the measure of the angle what is the measure of the complement?

The complement is 60 degrees.

What is 10s complement and 9s complement?

It is 90

What kind of complement is tourist?

objective complement

What is bigger 1's complement or 2's complement?

The same number of bits are used to represent 1's complement and 2's complement. To take 2's complement, first take the 1's complement, then add 1 to the result.

Find the angle which exceeds its complement by 8 degrees?

Angle + Its Complement = 90 degrees Angle = Its Complement + 8 degrees2*(Its Complement) + 8 degrees = 90 degrees2*(Its Complement) = 82 degreesIts Complement = 41 degreesAngle + 41 degrees = 90 degreesAngle = 49 degrees

What does complement mean in math?

The sum has to add up to 90 deegrees. If I split a right angle in half, one side should be 60 or 45 and the other 30 or 45. Just an example.

What is the complement of 50 percent?

50% is its own complement.

What is minimal gene complement?

minimal gene complement