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A terminal degree is defined as the "highest" degree available in a particular field. A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is an oft mentioned terminal degree in several fields of study. Other terminal degrees include: DA, DBA, Ed.D., DEng, DM, DMus, DMA, DPS, DSc, MD, DPH, et al. The purpose of a terminal degree is to ensure the highest level of competence in a particular discipline and to certify the person's ability to think independently. According to etiquette, only terminal degrees may follow a person's name, e.g., Jane Doe, Ph.D. Most, if not all, terminal degrees merit an earned (as opposed to inherited) title, such as Dr. Jane Doe.

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Q: What is a terminal degree?
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Is an MFA a terminal degree?


Is the MFA a terminal degree?

Yes, it is.

Is ABD a terminal degree?

No it is not a terminal degree. You would still be pursuing the highest degree which would be a "Doctorate". ABD means "All But Dissertation". Which tells you have met all the Doctoral requirements EXCEPT writing and being approved by a chosen community of scholars: a dissertation. Afterwards then, having the degree "Doctorate" conferred upon you which is a "terminal degree".

What is better after MBA?

An MBA is effectively a terminal degree.

What is the correct abbreviation for a masters of education?

Typically M.Ed. (MEd) if it's the school's terminal degree in that subject, or Ed.M (EdM) if the terminal degree is the Ed.D. (EdD) in that subject and at that school.

Is a masters' degree a terminal degree?

The term "terminal degree" refers to the highest degree you can receive in a particular discipline. In most cases that is a Doctoral degree,With that said - a Master's degree is usually NOTa terminal degree.There is a good argument that some master's degreees, like an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the terminal degree in that particular field. You can get a Ph.D. in business, but the empahsis and areas studied are completely different than what is done for an MBA rather than being more extensive and in-depth work in the same same areas. In most disciiplines though, the Doctoral degree is more in depth and specialized than the Masters for the same discipline and thus the Doctorate rathen than the Masters is considered the "terminal degree".

Is JD a first degree or a terminal degree?

I think the JD is a first degree. It is a three year first law degree just as in Europe and Canada. The only difference is that most holders of a JD in the USA would have had a first degree in another discipline, sometimes completely unrelated to law. The LLM and SJD are terminal degree for JD.

Is a DMin a terminal degree?

A DMin. is a professional degree but often not considered a terminal degree such as a Ph.D. or a Th.D. This may simply be perception particularly since the DMin. is a practitioner's degree, but nonetheless, the latter are considered more rigorous than the DMin. and thus are regarded as higher degrees.

What is a DJur degree?

DJur (also LLD and JD) - Doctor of Law(s). In the US it is a 'terminal degree'.

Which angle below is co-terminal to 415?

55 degree

What does terminal qualifications mean?

the highest degree in a given field. or the maximum qualification that a person has in some specific field is called terminal qualification

Is a masters in accounting with cpa a terminal degree?

No - you could go on to a Doctoral level.

How long does it take to get a terminal degree?

It depends on the level of the program. The least amount of time is two years. Still, there are not as many so called terminal degrees today as years ago.

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This question is ambiguous. If you have an original side, and you know the terminal (final) side, and you know the terminal angle (between the two sides), then there's really not that much more. For rectangular coordinates (x and y) of offsets, use sines and cosines. Vertical offset is (terminal sidelength)*sin(DEGREE MEASURE) Horizontal offeset is (terminal sidelength)*cos(DEGREE MEASURE)

Is an MBA a terminal degree?

Until recently, an M.B.A. was universally considered a terminal degree--because while there are schools that offer a doctorate in Business, it was not considered higher in progression to an M.B.A. This is similar to that a Ph.D. in Law is not a progression of a J.D. in Law (a 2-year degree). Recently, schools have attempted to rectify this by offering a "D.B.A." (versus a Ph.D. in Business.) By definition that there is now a recognized successor to an M.B.A., many HR departments are no longer considering an M.B.A. "terminal," per se. The Department of Education and Department of Labor both consider an M.B.A. terminal, and as such you often see jobs that "absolutely require a Doctorate, or an M.B.A."

What experience you need to be a teacher?

Depends on the level you want to teach at, grade school, high school or university.Additionally, if you are teaching at the university level, it depends heavily on which program you are teaching. Most university programs require you to have a terminal degree, which again varies by program. For example, a terminal degree for most sciences is a PhD, while a terminal degree for many applied arts fields is a Master of Fine Arts.

How much do you make a year with an Associate's degree?

The question is not answerable specifically. If the associate's degree is a terminal degree, then having it is a huge plus. But if it's not a terminal degree, then it does little for you except to make transferring to a senior college easier. Without an associate's degree, many schools will parse your transcript and reject some of the coursework and credits. But with the degree, the transcript review may not be done so rigorously or may be waived altogether. Having an associate's degree that isn't terminal will generally give you only a slight edge in salary over people with only a high-school diploma. But that is just a general statement, based upon studies that have shown that folks with some college command higher salaries than folks with only a HS diploma. It in no way guarantees that you will command a higher salary. Chances are that you will see no real impact to earnings until you get the four-year degree.


Of course! A pharmacy technician's degree is not a terminal degree, and the skills learned during your initial education will help you with becoming a pharmacist.

What do you do to reduce the strain placed on the strands of a cable during swagging?

Bend the cable to a 45 degree angle after partial insertion into the terminal

What is the difference between an MA and an MTS degree?

A master of arts degree is typically associated with secular fields such as history or music whereas a master of theological studies is unique to the field its name indicates. Also an MA from a seminary can be considered to be a terminal degree in its field and the assumption with an MTS is that the student will pursue doctoral studies. A master of arts degree is typically associated with secular fields such as history or music whereas a master of theological studies is unique to the field its name indicates. Also an MA from a seminary can be considered to be a terminal degree in its field and the assumption with an MTS is that the student will pursue doctoral studies.

How much education do you need to be a college professor?

The minimum educational requirement is a master's degree in the subject area being taught, with a doctorate preferred. Typically they would like to see a 'terminal degree' meaning the highest degree in possible in the subject area you are teaching in.

is there a shuttle bus to tranfer from terminal 1 to terminal 3?

There is a shuttle bus that travels from terminal 1 to terminal 3

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in Texas?

While any degree will open up more doors of opportunity, the jobs available depends on which field you have the associates degree in. If you are taking an associates as a terminal degree, then you should look into the associates of applied science degree (AAS). The AAS degree is designed as a two year program of study which gives the student all the expertise necessary - in a specific field - to enter the workforce immediately after completion.

Can you become a nurse if you have a terminal disease?

If your physical stamina can endure the training to earn a RN degree, no illness should deter you from seeking this wonderful profession.

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Terminal is a noun (airport terminal) and an adjective (terminal illness), but it is not a verb. Only verbs have tenses.