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Q: What is a token?
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Related questions

What is proper English by the same token or at the same token?

"By the same token" is correct. The token gives you two for one, like buying two items with one dollar. Two ideas have a shared cause or basis. You get both "by" using the same token, not by being "at" the same token.

Who is a special unit of data which acts as a key on a Token Ring?

That's called a "token".That's called a "token".That's called a "token".That's called a "token".

Who generates the token in token ring?


What is the sentence of token?

Black is a token of mourning.

What is a token in c?

token is a key word.

What happens when token is lost in token ring topology?

Nobody knows......

Definition of token ring?

It is a 'token' of your affection for that person.

How would you use the word token in a sentence?


Which balloons have a token in them on Webkinz token balloon dartz?

No one knows which balloons have a token in them. You need to shoot the dartz and see.

What does a ooze token do in magic the gathering?

An Ooze token is a creature that can be created. The token card is the representation of that creature.

What is a sentence using the word token?

They had to have a token to ride the ride. A small, inexpensive gift is a token gift.

What is token?

A token is a symbol for something else. A token for the subway, for example, takes the place of the money necessary to ride. A token can also be a gift given to someone else to symbolize love or peace.

Where the last adventure token - for the game Milmo - is on Rose Island?

Token 1: Behind a tree on the island. Token 2: On the Rose branch. Token 3: On one of the floating platforms. Token 4: Under one same floating platform. Token 5: Under the last bend floating platform. Token 6: In a grass sink on the ground. Token 7: Behind the boat. Token 8: Under the floating enemy platform. There is a hole on the platform you can climb down from. The token is hidden somewhere under it.

If you activate 'Fiend's Sanctuary' and your opponent attacks the token is the token destroyed or does it remain on the field?

If the token is considered destroyed by battle, then it will leave the field and cease to exist, like any regular token monster.

What is a sentence for the word token?

You can't get on the bus without a token.

Which access method is used in Token Ring?

Token Passing

What is difference between Token Ring Token Bus?

In a token bus network architecture, the nodes at either end of the bus do not actually meet. In a token ring, the network logically functions as a ring, but is wired as a star.

If four token ring stations attempt to transmit at the same time what happens?

That is not possible. In Token Ring, only the station with the token can transmit.

What is the difference between a USB token and a USB flash drive?

One is a token one is a drive. Unlike drive token can not function as data storage. Token has specific software/data for specific purposes.

How do you get a wish token out of the wall on webkinz?

this is how to get a wish token! you have to buy a webkinz and then when you put it on you get a free wish token! to get a wish token with out buying an animal you have to be at the code shop yo enter a code the best way is buying a webkinz

Do you get a prestige token when you enter prestige in MW3?

After you prestige you get a prestige token

What is the plural form of token?

Tokens is the plural of token

What is token and explain the types of token in c language?

it is predefined keyword.

What is a 13.97 thank you token?

it is a collectible token/coin from Reader's Digest

How do you get a saurian token in neosaurs?

10 Saurian token!Talk to Vandro