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They are said to be irregular shapes or polygons

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Q: What is a two dimensional shape with different lengths and angles?
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What geometric shape has 4 and angles and sides with two different lengths?


What geometric shape has 4 angles and sides with two different lengths?


What shape has 4 sides which are different lengths 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?


What is a shape with a number of angles that is different from the number of sides in the shape?

A circle. One side, zero angles. Also a line as it is a 1-dimensional shape.

What shape has three sides all different lengths and no right angles?

Isosceles triangle.

What shape has the diagonals bisecting each other but different lengths but do not meet at right angles?

A parallelogram.

What shape has two parallel sides of different lengths and two right angles?

A right trapezoid.

What two dimensional shape has no angles?


What are figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size?

They are said to be similar if they have the same angles but different lengths

What shape has 1 pair of parallel sides of different lengths and 2 right angles?

A trapezoid can have 2 right angles and 1 pair of opposite parallel sides of different lengths. The 4 interior angles will add up to 360 degrees.

What is the cuboid of 1000?

A cuboid is a three dimensional shape, like a cube but with sides of different lengths. A number cannot have a cuboid.

What is the formula for finding missing lengths on a compound shape?

There is no standard formula. The answer will depend on the compound shape and also on which of the lengths (or angles) are known.

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