What is a varigated leaf?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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A varigated leaf is a leaf that has more than one color, like green and white. a leaf that has color aside from green

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Q: What is a varigated leaf?
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What is a green leaf called with a yellow center?

Varigated is a green leaf with a yellow center.

How do you use varigated in a sentence?

I crocheted the baby afghan using varigated yarn of several colors

Where do white parts of a variegated leaf get their sugar?

the white part of a varigated leaf boosts its sugar levels so that the white parts can get there sugar quickly when needed

What is string that gradually changes colors called?


What is a pionsettia?

A traditional winter holiday flower in bright red, but available varigated or white.

What is the varigated quartz used to make marbles?

I thought marbles were made of glass. But try Agate, a silica mineral.

Why is your hydrangea lighter green and veined on it's upper leaves?

It's the type of hydrangea you have (there are several different species) and those leaves (if they have small veins of white or lighter green than the whole leaf) is called 'varigated' and it's suppose to be like that. Also hydrangeas can turn out in different colors from faded blues to brilliant blues, pinks, whites, purples, etc., and it is all to do with the type of soil you have.

Why did my Philodendron plant go all green?

Because varigated type plants need either cooler or hotter weather to keep their light varigation. So give it a try.

Why is a leaf a leaf?

as a leaf is a leaf?! /

Is a mulberry leaf a simple or compound leaf?

A mulberry leaf is a simple leaf ::::::

Is neem leaf is compound leaf or simple leaf?

A Neem leaf is a compound leaf a

Is the tea leaf a simple leaf?

No the tea leaf is not a simple leaf because a tea leaf do not look like a simple leaf.