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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Say "Two a squared minus three."

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Q: What is a verbal expression for 2a squared -3?
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What is the answer to (2a plus 3)?

It is the expression 3 + 2a.

What is 19-3 in a verbal expression?

19-3 in a verbal expression = 16

What is the answer to 3 plus 2a equals?

It is the expression 3 + 2a.

How do you Factor the trinomial 2a squared - 9a-18?

(a - 6)(2a + 3)

How would you write 3 times the sum of x and y squared plus 5 times the difference of 2x and y in verbal exprestion?

That verbal expression would read: 3(x+y)^2 + 5(2x -y) ^2 means 'squared' in the above example.

Simplify the expression 2a -3 plus 4b - 2a -b -3 plus 5?

3b -1

What is 2a squared minus 5a minus 3 factored out?


How do you factor 2a squared 6a?

I guess you mean: 2a^2+6a Well in this case you take 2a out of the bracket and then you're left with a+3 inside. 2a(a+3a)

What is the factor of 6a squared - 17a plus 12?

(2a - 3)(3a - 4)

What does three more mean in a verbal expression?


How do you factor the expression 9 minus i squared?

(3 - i)(3 + i)

What is the factor of 6a squared 17a plus 12?

It is: (2a+3)(3a+4) when factored

For which value of x is the expression 48x squared equivalent to 24 3 squared?

x = 3/sqrt(2) or 1.5*sqrt(2)

What's the exponential form of 3 3 of this expression?

If it is 3 x 3, the answer is 3 squared.

How do you write a verbal expression that translates the mathematical expression 8x plus 3?

Three and eight times a number.

What is 2a times 3?

Since the question is 3(2a), then just write it out. 3(2a) is 2a+2a+2a or 6a.

Simplify the expression -4(-2a - 3) + 4/b - 3c + 4ab when a = 1, b = 2, and c =3?

i need help

What is 3 plus 2 times A plus B times 4 divided by 2 minus 4 simplified expression?

3+2*A+B*4/2-4 = 3 + 2A + 2B - 4 = 2A + 2B - 1

What verbal expression represent the algebraic expression 3(5 3)?

Maya wrote the expression 3+5+4.5 to represent the total distance that she traveled. Which statement best describes Maya's expression? Maya's expression will generate the correct sum because of the associative property.

When do you say that an exponential expression is in its simplest form?


What is 10a plus 15 factorised as a expression?

10a + 15 = 5 (2a + 3)

What is an algebraic expression for the verbal phrase the quotient of a number plus 6 and 3?


What is 2a squared x 3a negative cube?

2a2 x 3a-3 = (2 x 3)a(2 + -3) = 6a-1

What is 2a 3 4a-8?

They are 4 terms of an algebraic expression which does not have an equality sign in it.

Combine like terms and simplify 2b plus 2 minus 2a plus a squared 3?

There are no like terms here.