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Q: What does three more mean in a verbal expression?
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How can you translate eleven more than 5 times a number in verbal expression to an algebraic expression?

5n + 11

What is the verbal expression for 4x+10?


What does a expression mean?


What are the three basic communication styles?

The three basic styles, (or methods) of communicating would have to be.....1. Language (mostly verbal, sometimes manual- eg. in the case of signed languages)2. Non-verbal communication- ie. body language; facial expression & so on*it is said that 70% of communication is non-verbal in all humans3. Written communication -be it in this day & age more appropriately daubed 'typed communication'

What is wrong with using verbal false limbs?

An expression that is artificially inflated to be longer and more important-sounding than it actually is

What does a pouty expression mean?


What is a verbal expression example?

For example you have w-1 a verbal expression for that algebraic expressionwould be a number decreased by 1. Another example is x+4 would be 4 more than a number. 5c is the product of 5 and a number. h/8 is a number divided by 8.

How do you write an algebraic expression to represent a verbal expression?

add 3 to a number a number plus 3 the sum of a number and 3 3 more than a number a number increased by 3

What is the verbal expressions of the polynomial expression 3x squared-6?


What is the Algebraic expression for three more than a number?

The algebraic expression for three more than a number is: X + 3

What is a sentence using expression?

Expression could either refer to something verbal, or something more physical (a facial expression for example).You could tell by the expression on her face, she was not at all impressed with his juggling, or even unicycling talents.Don't be offended, it's just an expression.She offered him an expression of sympathy, as she patted him softly on the shoulder.

Translate into an algebraic expression three more than three times a number?

3x +3