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Volume = 2*4*6 = 48 cubic cm

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Q: What is a volume of a cuboid with width 2 cm length 4 cm and height 6 cm?
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How do you find the width of a cuboid when you are given the total volume?

width = volume/(length*height)

What Formula to find volume of a cuboid?

Volume = Length * Width * Height

How do you find the length width and height with the volume?

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How do you find the width of volume only using length height?

Volume = Length * Height * Width That equation can be rearranged to: Width = Volume/(Length * Height) This answer will only work for a cuboid (or a cube) and not any other 3d shape.

What is the volume If the height is7cm width 1cm length 2 cm?

volume of cuboid = height * width * length volume = 7 *1 * 2 =14 cm ^ 3

How do you find the height of a cuboid when the length and width is only given?

By dividing length times width into its given volume

What is length x width x height?

The volume of a rectangular prism (a shape like box)

What is the volume of a cuboid with width 2cm length 4cm and height 6?


What does length times height times width equal?

For a cuboid it gives its volume.

What does length x width x height equal?

Length x width x height equals volume.* * * * *But only if the object in question is a cuboid (rectangular prism). Length*Width*Height for a sphere, for example, does not equal its volume.

What is the equation for the volume of a rectangle?

Rectangles are flat or two dimensional. They have an area; they do not have a volume. The area of a rectangle is its length x width. If it was about the volume of a three dimensional Cuboid (or rectangular cuboid), its volume is the length x width x height.

The formula length x width x height is used to measure what?

Volume of a cuboid.