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Length x width x height equals volume.

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But only if the object in question is a cuboid (rectangular prism). Length*Width*Height for a sphere, for example, does not equal its volume.

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Q: What does length x width x height equal?
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Does area equal length times width times height?

Area is l (length) x w (width), Volume is measured with l (length) x w (width) x h (height).

What does length times height x width equal?


How do you find width when volume height and length are given?

You really should know how to answer that question.Volume = (length) x (width) x (height) .Length = (volume) / (width x height)Width = (volume) / (length x height)Height = (volume) / (length x width)

What dose volume equal?

volume = length X width X height

What is equal to length x width x height?

That is how you find the volume of an object.

What is the length width and height of a figure called?

Those are called dimensions. But if you're referring to length X width X height (l X w X h) That is equal to volume.

What is the formula to find volume in cubes?

The term cubic applies to cubes, cuboids, and other parallelograms, which have 3 dimensions - length, width, and height for example. To find the volume, multiply the length times the width times the height in any consistent units. The formula is L x W x H.

What is the volume of a retangular solid?

Its volume is equal to its: length X width X height.

What is the volume of a rectangle prism?

length x width x height or length x breadth x height

What is the volume of a box that has a height of 6 width of 9 and a length of 2?

Volume is equal to height x width x length, therefore, the answer is 6 x 9 x 2 which equals 108.

How do I get height of cube if volume 64cm3?

The formula for a cube is Length x Width x Height. Since a cube is equal on all sides the length, width, and height are all going to be the same. Take the cube root of 64cm3 is 4cm. Length (4cm) x Width (4cm) x Height (4cm) = 64cm3

Surface area of a box?

Double [ (length x width) + (length x height) + (width x height) ]