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Q: What is a word for writing fluid?
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What is 5 letter word for marked with writing fluid?


What is a writing fluid with 3 characters?


What is the luhya word for writing?

The African Luhya word for 'writing' is "Okhuandika".

What is another word for angle in writing?

Another word for angle in writing is slant or bias.

Why is a thesaurus a useful reference source when you are writing something?

It is useful because it prevents you from having to use the same word over and over and adds variety to your work. (That being said, you shouldn't just go through and replace words in your writing with big, "impressive" words as people will see through that and your writing will not be as fluid.)

What word means a system of secret writing?

enigmatic writing/cryptic writing /coded writing

What part of speech is the word fluid?

The word "fluid" can be either a noun or an adjective, depending on how it is used in a sentence.

Where to pour transmission fluid in a Pontiac Montana 2000?

There is a cap that says transmission fluid only on it. It should have yellow or red writing.

When can you use the word you in a writing?

you can use that word in writing whenever you want otherwise it wouldnt make sense to and me

What is a three letter word for writing quickly?

A three letter word for writing quickly is to jot.

What is word choice in technical writing?

Word choice means in writing when your using your six traits in a sentence.

Need a sentence with the word writing?

I am writing an example sentence.