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A yard stick is divided into 3 feet, which are divided into 12 inches each which are again divided into 1/8" segments each(usually). A yard stick is used for measuring the length of an object the same way a ruler might be used. Often this would be used for an object more than 1 foot but less than 3 feet in length.

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What is a yard stick and what does it measures?

a yard stick is a stick the length of a yard and it measures yards

What is an instrument used to measure length?

Ruler, meter stick, yard stick

How much yards are in a yard stick?

one yard is in a yard stick

How long is a yd stick?

I'm assuming you mean Yard Stick. The clue's in the name. YARD stick. 1 yard.

What are 3 different tools that can be used for measuring length?

ruler, meter stick, yard stick.

Is a meter stick the same as a yard stick?

A meter stick is about three inches longer than a yard stick.

Is a yard stick really a yard?

Nearly, but not quite. A yard stick will normally be very slightly longer than a yard.

How many centimeters are there in a YARD stick?

90 cm = 1 yard stick. but there is about 91 centimeters in a yard

How many centimeters in a yard stick?

90 cm on a yard stick.1 yard = 91.44 cm.

What unit is used to measure water meter?

yard stick of coarse

How much feet is a yard stick?

A yard stick is three feet long.

How does a yard stick compare ti a meter stick?

A yard stick is shorter than a meter stick by 3.37 inches (8.56 centimeters).

What item is a yard long?

a yard stick

What instrument measures a yard?

A yard stick

What can measure up to a yard?

a yard stick

What items are a yard long?

A yard-stick

How many yards are on a yard stick?

It's called a yard stick because it measures 1 yard. (1 yard - 3 feet)

Instrument used to measer length?

Ruler Yard stick Tape measure

What is more meter stick or a yard stick?

meter stick

Is yard stick shorter than a meter stick?

No, a yard stick is about 0.2 inches (85.6 mm) shorter than a meter stick. Hope these helped!

What the difference between a meter and a yard?

the differents between a meter and a yard is that a meter is smaller and yards are very long and uses a yard stick but a meter uses a ruler.

What is a meter stick rounded to a yard?

1 yard

What would be 1 yard long?

A yard stick!

What object would be the size of a yard?

Yard stick

What is something 1 yard long?

a yard stick:]