What is something that is a yard long?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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one hundredth of a football field from touchdown line to touchdown line.

A yard stick is a yard long.

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Q: What is something that is a yard long?
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What is something 1 yard long?

a yard stick:]

What are some examples of something a yard long?

A yard stick One yard line to the next Football yardlines

Which is long as a meter yard or foot?

One meter is 100cm. Something that is 100cm long is an average snake. One yard is 36in. Something that is 36in long is a small child. One foot is 12in. Something that is 12in long is a large shoe.

What is an example of something a yard long?

Approximately ONE human foot step;

What can be a yard long?

A pair of pants can be a yard long.

How lond is yard?

How long is a yard? You might want to check your spelling. A yard is three feet. A yard is .9144 meters long and 3 feet long and 36 inches long.

What is one squared yard?

One square yard is 3 feet long and 3 feet wide, therefore: 1 square yard equals 9 square feet. 3x3=9 When you measure how long and how wide something is, you get its area, which can be done in square yards. You can figure out how big your backyard is, or a football field, or enough carpet to do your room.

What objects are 1 yard long?

Yardsticks are one yard long.

What item is a yard long?

a yard stick

What does 13 yard and something inches mean?

If you have 13 yards and some inches, it means or refers to the measurement of something. Each yard is equal to three feet or 36 inches. A person can have a large room that is 13 yards and some inches long.

What would be 1 yard long?

A yard stick!

Is a yard the same as square yard?

No. A yard measures a straight line, which is 3 feet long. A square yard measures a square that is 3 feet long on each side. Multiply two sides to get the total area of a square yard. So a yard is 3 feet long and a square yard covers an area of 9 feet.