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how many babies

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an exponent

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Q: What is added to the base unit to show multiples or fractions of that unit?
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John added the numerators of several fractions with unlike denominators what should john have done first?

John has to show the common denominator.

Show all multiples of 3 under 1000?

999/3there are 333 multiples of 3

Show the fractions in 1 inch?

its 1/1

How is fraction related to decimal?

They can show the same number, just in different ways. You can convert fractions into decimals or decimals into fractions.

Use of pie chart?

To show fractions or parts of a whole.

Show me how to order fractions from least to greatest?

300, 288,298

Does 28 410 612 show equivalent fractions?

No because: 2/8, 4/10 and 6/12 are not eqivalent fractions

Which sum of fractions show 0.38?

3/10 + 8/100

What shows part of the whole?

Fractions and percentages show the parts of the whole.

What is a number that uses place value and a decimal point to show amounts that are less than one such as tenths called?

Fractions or decimal fractions.

What are the multiples of 15 show examples?

15, 30, 45 and so on.

Show the multiples of 400?

400, 800, 1200 and so on to infinity.

Why do you need to learn fractions?

You need to learn fractions because they show up in every day life. You can for example say that someone can half of your lunch.

What is are two things decimals and fractions have in common?

They both show a part of a number

What matric prefix is used to designate 1000?

The metric system uses differing prefixes to show multiples of ten for base units. To indicate one thousand units, the prefix kilo- is used, as in kilometer, or kilowatt.

Why do you not need fractions?

You don't need fractions if you are only ever dealing with whole numbers, or complete items. Fractions are needed to show parts of the whole - half a bar of chocolate, a slice taken from an apple pie, and so on.

What associations between an SI base unit abbreviation and its base quantity is incorrect?

I will show you my answer when you show me your data.

What is the relationship between fractions decimals and percents?

they all show parts of a whole number

Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show?

.jpg The file formats that can be added to a power point show are .wav, .jpg and .gif.

How do you show work for LCM of 35 and 25?

You make a table of their multiples and find the first instance where they are the same. To show work, circle it.

What is the difference between base price and unit price?

Base price is the cost of a basic version. Most people will want a few extras which will increase the cost. Look at the sticker on a new car. It starts with a base price and just keeps growing as options are added. Unit price is the cost for one item when multiples are usually purchased together. Look at the stickers on the supermarket shelf. The usual "unit" used on these is an ounce. An 8 ounce bottle of juice that sells for 88 cents will show a "unit price" of 11 cents per ounce.

How are fractions decimals and percents are alike?

decimals fractions and percents are all alike because they show parts of 100, per 100(percent, cent representing for 100, century)

How are decimals fractions and percents alike?

decimals fractions and percents are all alike because they show parts of 100, per 100(percent, cent representing for 100, century)

How many fractions can be shown for 25 percent?

Infinite fractions can show the value of 25% Some common ones would be... 1/4 2/8 3/12 25/100

Which two figures are shaded to show equivalent fractions?

figures a and bfigures b and d figures a and c