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Infinity and 1

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Q: What is after a finity?
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Explain the word infinity?

"in" means "not", "finity" means "finish". So infinity means endless. eternity (outside time) is a special case of infinity.

How can infinity be named infinity if it is undefinable?

In-finity or in-finite means not finite, not ending. It can certain be defined; there are different definitions for infinity. Better look up "infinity" in Wikipedia; because actually, infinity has different meanings in different contexts; even in math there are different meanings, depending on the context.

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What words have the root word fin?

These ROOT-WORDS are FIN & FINIS meaning END. The Latin word finis has become a part of our language and you will often see it after the last sentence of an English book. Word No. 20, financial, meaning relating to money, does not seem to belong to this list. What has money to do with FIN meaning end? Actually there is a relation. Finance comes from finer which means to end, and also to pay. When you pay your bill the financial matter is ended. Rather farfetched, don't you think? But there it is.1. Final : FIN al (fine' l) adj.Relating to the end; as, the final addition2. Finale : FIN ale (fin al' ee) n.The last section of a musical composition3. Finalism : FIN alism (fie' nal iz um) n.Theological doctrine4. Fin do siecle : FIN de siecle (fan de sya' k'l) n.End of the century5. Finis : FINIS (fin' is) n.End; conclusion6. Finish : FIN ish (fin' ish) v.To complete; to reach the end7. Finite : FIN ite (fie' nite) adj.Definitely limited8. Finitesimal : FIN itesimal (fin i tes' I mal) adj.Defined by a finite ordinal number9. Finial : FIN ial (fin' ee al) n.The very topmost; a crowning detail10. Finific : FIN ific (fi nif' ik) adj.A limiting element or quality11. Finitude : FIN itude (fin' i tude) n.A finite state12. Finity : FIN ity (fin' i ti) n.The quality of finitude13. Affinity : af FIN ity (a fin' it ee) n.Attraction; resemblance14. Confine : con FIN e (kone fine') v.To keep shut in; as, confine to bed15. Define : de FIN e (de fine') v.To mark the limit; as, to define the power of the court16. Definitive : de FIN itive (de fin' it iv) adj.Conclusive; as, a definitive statement17. Infinite : in FIN ite (in' fi nit) adj.Without end; limitless18. Infinity : in FINity (in fin' it ee) n.Eternity; boundlessness19. Infinitesimal : in FIN itesimal (in fin i tes' i mal) adj.So small it cannot be measured20. Financial : FIN ancial (fin an' chul) adj.Relating to money; as, a financial statement of the account

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