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All the powers and exponents of 1 are 1.The powers and exponents of any of the other numbers up to 10 are equivalent to the all the positive numbers - rational and irrational.

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Q: What is all the power and exponents 1-10?
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When you raise a power to a power what do you do with the exponents?

You multiply the exponents.

What is the prime factorization of 110 using exponents?

110 = 21 x 51 x 111

What is 4 to the 2nd power in exponents?

4 to the 2nd power in exponents is 42

What is prime factor of 110 using exponents?

Exponents are not needed but it would be 21 x 51 x 111

When raising a power to a power this is what you do with the exponents?

Multiply them.

How do you raise a power to a power?

The rule is that you multiply the exponents. So if I have 2 squared and I want to raise it to the third power, you multiply the 2x3=6. When you multiply powers you add the exponents. When you raise exponents to a power you multiply. This works for rational exponents which can be used to represent roots as well.

When adding numbers with fraction exponents do you add the exponents?

Fractional exponents follow the same rules as integral exponents. Integral exponents are numbers raised to an integer power.

What is the fast way to simplify when you raise an exponent to another power?

If you're multiplying numbers with exponents, add the exponents. 32 x 33 = 35 If you're raising exponents to a power, multiply the exponents. 3 squared to the third power = 36

What is 10 to the fifth power x 10 to the second power?

10 to the seventh power - or 10,000,000. When multiplying numbers with exponents - you add the exponents together.

What does cubed mean with exponents?

In exponents cubed means "to the third power"5 Cubed =5 To the third power =53 =15

What are the seven rules for exponents?

Rules for exponents to multiply powers, add the exponents to divide powers, subtract the exponents to find a power of a power, multiply the exponents to find a power of a quotient, apply the power top and bottom to find a power pf a product, apply the exponent to each factor in the product x0 = 1 anything to the power zero equals one x-a = 1/xa a negative exponent means "one over" the positive exponent

5 to the 6 power x 5 to the 9 power?

Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.

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