What is always needed to add fractions?

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Fractions! Otherwise you don't have anything to add.

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Q: What is always needed to add fractions?
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What is always needed when adding and subtracting fractions?

a common denominator

When is a common denominator needed and when is one not needed?

A common denominator is required to add or subtract fractions and not otherwise.

Do you always have to have like numerators in fractions before you can add or subtract?

No, the denominators have to be the same.

How do you add and subtract fractions with the same denominator?

it stay the same when you subtract fractions and when you add fractions.

How do you add fractions in simplest form?

Fractions will need to have the same denominator to add the numerator then reduce the answer as needed to simplest forms. 1/2 + 1/3=3/6 + 2/6=5/6

How did the Egyptians justify the fact that the fractions of the Eye of Horus did not add up to 1?

They didn't. It isn't supposed to add up to one, rather fractional amounts can be formed by adding various combinations of the fractions. If the eguptions needed to represent the value 1, they wouldn't do it with fractions.

How do you add two fractions that have like denominators?

In fractions, you can NEVER add or subtract

When you add fractions do you add the denominator to?


How do I add improper fractions?

Change them into mixed numbers and add the integers and fractions together ensuring that the fractions have a common denominator.

When you add fractions do you flip improper fractions around?


What kind of maths is needed for accounting?

Fundamental math skills are needed for a job in accounting. An accountant must know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and do fractions.

Where Can you Put Fractions in a calculator?

You can add fractions if you have a scientific calculator. All you have to do is press the b/c button. If you don't have one, you could always turn the fraction into a decimal.

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