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The initials a.m. stand for ante meridian, Latin for "before noon." The initials p.m. stand for post meridian, Latin for "after noon."

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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What is am pm mean?
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What does pm stand for in sulfur pm?

pm mean past miday and am mean after midnight

What does pm mean on YouTube?

The letters PM does not mean PM of after 12 o clock,it means PRIVATE MESSAGE

If it is 12 pm what does the pm mean?

Post Meridian

What do pm mean?

Preventive Maintenance is the meaning of PM.

What does it's mean am and pm?

am moring and pm night

What do mean am and pm?

what do am and pm mean? well am means it is morning pm means its afternoon and night AM Means : ANTI MERIDIAN PM Means : POST MERIDIAN

What dose pm mean?

PM means at night or at noon

What pm mean?

PM= Post Meridiem which means afternoon

What does PM mean in Yahoo messenger?

Pm= Private Messages

What does it mean to PM somebody?

pm means to make contact with Private Message

What does it mean to pm someone?

Well, PM means Private Message so ...

What does pm you mean?

private message

What does pm mean in latin?


What is mean pm in paltalk?


What does pm mean?

pm means:post meridianPRİVATE MESSAGEPrime ministerpersonal mailpost menstrualprime meridian

5:17-26 mean?

5:17 AM or PM to 5:26 AM or PM

What is the pm name?

David cameron is the current british PM (12/12/13). If you mean what does pm mean, it means a few things, mainly Prime minister, or post meridian.

What is the full form of pm?

The acronym PM can mean post meridian, which is the time from noon until midnight, or it can mean prime minister.

What does AM stand for or mean as in AM and PM?

ante meridian

What does PM mean in regard to time?


What does pm mean in car?

Power mirrors

Does 12 pm mean noon?

Yes it does.

What does pm mean in guitar?

palm mute

What does pm mean in crocht?

place marker

What does m and pm mean?

Ante Meridian: before noon - am Post Meridian: after noon - pm